Altskeith House // On the banks of Loch Ard

There are so many reasons why I love to film at Altskeith House, but the overarching reason is that the venue is exclusively yours, and what a difference that makes. Having everything from bridal prep through to dancing in the same venue makes for a relaxing day full of fun without any complicated logistics! I’ve been lucky enough to film a number of weddings at Altskeith house, here’s one of my favourites!


So what makes Altskeith such a great wedding venue to marry in? Here’s a few reasons why I love going back again and again!

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Loch Ard on your doorstep

Loch Ard is one of the main reasons why I love this venue so much, it’s not often you can just walk a minute down to the edge of a loch and have it all to yourself! It’s perfect for videographers and photographers to get those all important shots, but also its a lovely time for you as a couple to have a mini time out and soak up the day for yourself. And because I’ve shot at the venue many times, it means I get to see it in differently every time I’m there!

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altskeith house wedding film sunset.jpg
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The Yellow Boathouse

One of the really unique elements of Altskeith is the bold and beautiful boat house down by the loch! I really love this part of the venue, it provides a quirky and interesting colour palate to provide a bit of colour explosion in your wedding video! I like to capture couples around the boat house whilst we’re down by the Loch, its really handy and takes hardly any time at all, giving you more time with your guests!

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Awesome Outdoor & Indoor Ceremony Options

No matter where you choose to have your ceremony at Altskeith house, you’ll feel like you’re outside even if you’re inside! The ceremony room with floor to ceiling windows is a beautiful place to marry, and these can even be opened fully should you want to bring the fresh air in without actually being outside! Not many venues can offer that! There is of course the option of actually getting married outside, which if the weather is nice can be absolutely stunning!

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The Rowing Boat

If you’re feeling brave, you can take the rowing boat from the guesthouse out onto the loch, and I highly recommend it! The water is usually very calm so it can be a very serene and tranquil moment if you like boats, but it’s entirely up to you and some couples don’t fancy it! I’ll leave it up to you to decide!

altskeith house rowing boat.jpg

Getting Married At Altskeith House?

If you’ve chosen Altskeith house to marry in, or thinking about it, and you like my wedding videos, get in touch to check if I have your date available! I’d love to have a chat with you both and hear more about your special day! Or watch some more of my wedding videos here.

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