About Me

So a bit about me. I’m Barry, a Geordie living in Scotland, and I’m passionate about crafting natural and authentic wedding films. You might have noticed I call myself a film ninja. Bit weird right?

Photo Credit  MACK photo

Photo Credit MACK photo


Really, all I mean by that is I prefer to blend into the background of a wedding day. I like to capture your day in a natural, candid and authentic way, and I think this shines through in my films. I’m also excellent at opening Prosecco in the morning preps, whats not to like?

So you’re probably wondering why I’m called Worldly Nomads Films, I mean, its not exactly catchy is it? As with all good things, there’s a story behind that…

The birth of a travel blog…

For most of my life, I’ve had a burning desire to get out and see the world. I was always obsessed with watching nature documentaries, following the adventures of Attenburgh and Palin as they embarked on incredible odysseys. As much as I loved home, I had to get out and see the world.

So, together with my wife Laura, we took every opportunity to travel.

When we married in 2012, our honeymoon was the perfect excuse to take some time off and really see the world. So we packed our bags, and headed off on a year long adventure. As we travelled, we kept our friends and family updated with a blog online. The more we blogged, the more people began to follow us, and thus the Worldly Nomads Travel Blog was born.

I’d always been interested in photography, and travelling was the perfect opportunity to hone that skill. The more we travelled, the more I began to experiment with video. There was something about capturing movement and sounds that captivated me, and it spurred me on to create travel films of the places we visited.


Returning home from our year travelling, I decided to take my film making more seriously, and capturing one of the most important moments in anyones life became my passion. These days I’m mostly based in Scotland, filming weddings and spending time with my wife Laura, and daughter Rosa. We still try and fit a couple of adventures a year in if we can!

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The Worldly Nomads approach

So what does a Worldly Nomads wedding film look like?

Well, our travels heavily influenced how I approach weddings. When we first started travelling, we were focused on seeing the epic landscapes and sights of the world. But as we grew as travellers, the most rewarding part was the people we met along the way.

I became interested in understanding what made different people tick, and the relationships they had with others. I became less interested in the sights and more interested in the people.

This influenced me heavily in how I wanted to tell the story of a wedding day. Every person is different, and every relationship is different, and I wanted to convey those unique characteristics in every film I created.

Thus Worldly Nomads Wedding Films was born. Creating natural and authentic films that represent who you are as a couple, all wrapped in the story of your wedding day. No cheesy posed stuff, no awkward exchanges, just a modern, real film of your wedding day, the joy it brought you, your friends and your family.

But that’s enough about me, go watch some of my highlights films and get in touch!